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    Fountain Pens

    Pen Review: Kaweco Sport – Classic/Skyline

    One of Kaweco’s most iconic fountain pens ever. The Sport a pen on the smaller end of the spectrum with a following larger than most. A great everyday carry fountain pen from a respectable German [...]
  • Kaweco - Ruby Red

    Ink Review: Kaweco – Ruby Red

    For red inks the Kaweco Ruby Red is a very nice choice. Now even with this test having been done on basic and cheap copy paper, I feel like this ink performed very well at [...]
  • Kaweco Student Demonstrator
    Fountain Pens

    Pen Review: Kaweco – Student Demonstrator

    The Kaweco Student Demonstrator is part of the package from Kaweco Pen for the purpose of doing a review. First I’ll give you my review form, which should have most of the information you need or [...]
  • Conklin - Duragraph 1

    Pen Review: Conklin – Duragraph

    I have just recently received the Conklin Duragraph from Pen Chalet to review for them. I have to say I really only started to enjoy the pen after writing with it for awhile. To get [...]
  • Kaweco - Royal Blue

    Ink Review: Kaweco – Royal Blue

    This Kaweco Royal Blue is my first bottled blue ink. Part of the package sent to me from Kaweco Pen to review for them.  Here is my Ink Sampler and Review form. Below it I will [...]